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Parenting Ideas

Parentingideas is Australia's leading provider of parenting education resources to schools. It offers an extensive range of learning resources for parents, articles and up-to-date content for school newsletters and websites, as well as professional development for teachers and paents. The website address isĀ

Michael Grose is a former primary teacher with fifteen years classroom experience and knows first-hand the importance of developing a strong parent-teacher partnership. Over two decades he has worked full-time as a parenting educator supporting parents with all aspects of child-rearing. In that time he has authored eight books for parents including Why fist borns rule the world and last borns want to change it. The latest title Thriving! which will be relieased soon into China has been described as 'the new roadmap for raising 3 - 12 year olds with confidence, character and resilience.'

Micheal's best credentials are the fact that he is a parent of three delightful yet diverse twenty-somethings so he understands how frustrating, worrying but potentially joyous raising kids can be.

Parents need to stay one step ahead of their kids in this fast-changing world, which means they need to stay informed about the latest trends and issues facing children and young people today. So please browse the website and stay tuned!